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Allergy Clinic


Allergy Clinic in Thane


Allergy is a condition that makes a person become sick or develop breathing problems or running nose or sneezing or develop skin reaction because either they have eaten certain foods or inhaled certain allergens in the air or have been in contact with some allergic substances. we are the best Allergy Clinic in Thane

1. My Breathing problem and my symptoms worsen when I am exposed to strong perfumes, tobacco smoke, fumes & dust, Pollen and pets worsens my symptoms.

Yes     No

2. Sometimes I cannot take deep breath and feel nasal obstruction.

Yes     No

3. My Eyes get itchy,Puffy,teary or burning in eyes

Yes     No

4. I have severe sneezing ,watering from nose, Itching in the nose.

Yes     No

5. I have stuffy nose.

Yes     No

6. Cold weather makes my symptoms more worse.

Yes     No

7. Sometimes I cough a lot.

Yes     No

If answer to any of the above 7 questions is yes,it suggests you are allergic to something and it should be taken seriously and treated.Please ask our allergic specialist for a consultation for proper management of the allergy.

Skin Prick Test

A skin prick test, also called a puncture or scratch test. This test is usually done to identify allergies to pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites and foods. In adults, the test is usually done on the forearm. Children may be tested on the upper back.

Allergy Clinic in Thane: Allergy skin tests aren't painful. This type of testing uses needles (lancets) that barely penetrate the skin's surface. You won't bleed or feel more than mild, momentary discomfort.

After cleaning the test site with alcohol, small marks are drawn on your skin and applies a drop of allergen extract next to each mark. A lancet is used to prick the extracts into the skin's surface.

To see if your skin is reacting normally, two additional substances are scratched into your skin's surface:

  • Histamine : In most people, this substance causes a skin response. If you don't react to histamine, your allergy skin test may not reveal an allergy even if you have one.
  • Glycerin or saline : In most people, these substances don't cause any reaction. If you do react to glycerin or saline, you may have sensitive skin. Test results will need to be interpreted cautiously to avoid a false allergy diagnosis.

About 15 minutes after the skin pricks, the doctor observes your skin for signs of allergic reactions. If you are allergic to one or more of the substances tested, you'll develop a raised, red, itchy bump (wheal) that may look like a mosquito bite. A nurse will then measure the bump's size.

After the results are noted, your skin is cleaned with alcohol to remove the marks. Visit our Allergy Clinic in Thane, for you skin test.