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Shankh Hearing Aid Clinic


Symptoms of Hearing Loss


If you experience some of the following signs of hearing loss, you should contact your family doctor or hearing health care professional and have your hearing tested:

  • It sounds as if people are mumbling to you
  • Difficulties in hearing television - or people say that your television is turned up too loud
  • Difficulties in hearing someone calling to you from behind or from another room
  • Difficulties in communicating in a small group of people, for example at meetings
  • Communication difficulties in noisy environments, for example in a car, bus or at a party
  • A frequent need to ask people to repeat themselves
  • You no longer hear your watch ticking, water running or birds singing
  • Difficulties in hearing the doorbell or the telephone ringing
  • Family, colleagues and friends say that you might be suffering from hearing loss
  • You have to lip read the people who talk to you
  • You feel that you must really concentrate to hear someone talk or whisper



Types of Hearing Aids


Hearing aids from world’s reputed manufacturers

  • We provide high quality hearing aids from top brands in India.
  • Invisible Hearing Aid and most advance rechargeable hearing aids
  • Hearing Aid for all type of Hearing loss.
  • Best Speech quality in noise.
  • Pay with easy EMI options with nominal down payment.
  • Exchange your old Hearing Aids with latest Technology Hearing aids (t&c apply)
  • Free wireless accessory with premium hearing aids(t&c apply)
  • Home visits avaialble
  • Dedicated after sales service

Why Choose Shankh Hearing Aid Centre?

We provide the wide range of affordable digital hearing aids which are designed to meet every level of hearing loss. Our qualified hearing specialists have years of experience to help you choose the hearing aids that are right for you, and ensure that you receive the quality hearing care you need. We make a commitment to provide the best hearing solution possible. We will recommend the best hearing aid for you.